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$27 per classFrom $20 per visit with first class @salt | Reformer+Equipment passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $27
first class @salt | Reformer+Equipment $20 • 1 visit • are you new to salt Pilates? use this pass to enroll in your first class at our studio for only $20!
drop-in | Reformer+Equipment class {$27} $27 • 1 visit • this pass may be used to enroll in any of our equipment-based classes.
class pass | 5 sessions $125 • 5 visits
class pass | 10 sessions $230 • 10 visits
*new client* unlimited classes | 2 wks {$59} $59 • Unlimited visits for 2 weeks • enjoy unlimited Pilates classes for 14 days!
1 class/wk membership | {VIP} diamond $89 every month • 5 visits per Month • is your schedule full, but you just can’t live without your Pilates? then, you’ll love our ‘1 class/week’ membership option. and just because we know how much you love Pilates, we gave you an extra class each month-5 classes instead of 4!. you'll also receive discounts on apparel & on special events.
2 classes/wk membership | {vip} bronze $159 every month • 9 visits per Month •

love pilates, but only have room in your busy schedule for 2 classes per week? this membership is perfect for you! you can get 9 sessions of Pilates every month! and, as a '{vip} bronze' member, you receive special discounts on apparel, workshops & more!

3 classes/wk membership | {vip} silver $209 every month • 13 visits per Month •

ready for more pilates in your life? come to Pilates 3 times/week and delve deeper into your practice, prevent injury and improve posture. this membership gives you 13 sessions each month. as a '{vip} silver' member, you receive special discounts on apparel, workshops & more!

unlimited membership | {vip} gold $239 every month • Unlimited visits • get the body you've always dreamed of! enjoy an unlimited number of small group Reformer classes each month. as a '{vip} gold' member, you receive special discounts on apparel, workshops & more!

unlimited classes | 30 days {$250} $250 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • enjoy all the Pilates you can handle! we’ve got you covered.

this all levels Reformer-based class will increase your flexibility & range of motion through stretching, release work and relaxation techniques. the use of small props {stability balls, foam rollers, yoga blocks, exercise bands and fitness circles} will aide in the release of tension within the muscle fibers and fascia. DoTerra essential oils are diffused in the studio during class to facilitate relaxation.

clients with varying levels of Pilates experience are encouraged to attend this stress-reducing class {55 min}