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$27 per classFrom $20 per visit with first class @salt | Reformer+Equipment passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $27
first class @salt | Reformer+Equipment $20 • 1 visit • are you new to salt Pilates? use this pass to enroll in your first class at our studio for only $20!
drop-in | Reformer+Equipment class {$27} $27 • 1 visit • this pass may be used to enroll in any of our equipment-based classes.
class pass | 5 sessions $125 • 5 visits
class pass | 10 sessions $230 • 10 visits
*new client* unlimited classes | 2 wks {$59} $59 • Unlimited visits for 2 weeks • enjoy unlimited Pilates classes for 14 days!
1 class/wk membership | {VIP} diamond $89 every month • 5 visits per Month • is your schedule full, but you just can’t live without your Pilates? then, you’ll love our ‘1 class/week’ membership option. and just because we know how much you love Pilates, we gave you an extra class each month-5 classes instead of 4!. you'll also receive discounts on apparel & on special events.
2 classes/wk membership | {vip} bronze $159 every month • 9 visits per Month •

love pilates, but only have room in your busy schedule for 2 classes per week? this membership is perfect for you! you can get 9 sessions of Pilates every month! and, as a '{vip} bronze' member, you receive special discounts on apparel, workshops & more!

3 classes/wk membership | {vip} silver $209 every month • 13 visits per Month •

ready for more pilates in your life? come to Pilates 3 times/week and delve deeper into your practice, prevent injury and improve posture. this membership gives you 13 sessions each month. as a '{vip} silver' member, you receive special discounts on apparel, workshops & more!

unlimited membership | {vip} gold $239 every month • Unlimited visits • get the body you've always dreamed of! enjoy an unlimited number of small group Reformer classes each month. as a '{vip} gold' member, you receive special discounts on apparel, workshops & more!

unlimited classes | 30 days {$250} $250 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • enjoy all the Pilates you can handle! we’ve got you covered.

this level 1 Reformer class will move through a series of beginning to intermediate exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. exercises may be enhanced through the addition of small props {stability balls, exercise bands, fitness circles, Swiss balls, & more) and exercises from the Mat repertoire.

well-suited for new clients, pre- & post-natal clients, tweens & teens, and clients returning from injury or surgery {55 min}